paleta de colores

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a color chart with different colors and numbers on it, including the number of squares
Sq Pen Tablet Palette RCW
CMYK Real Color Wheel Pen Tablet Palette
a poster with many different colors and shapes on it's back side, including the words
F2U Random Color Palettes #2 by spookiigalaxii on DeviantArt
the color picker app is open and showing different shades of brown, pink, and red
Colores tioooo na mentira xd
a colorful hexagonal pattern on a white background
Geometric SHAPES in Quilts: Hexagons
Kathy Wylie makes a color solid out of hexagons. WOW - English Paper Piecing
a rainbow colored background with squares in the middle and bottom, all on one side
15 ferramentas de paletas de cores