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pointlessquotehere:  commutingtoreality:  Ok, silly sketches of Karai on top of Leo’s shell, for reasons. But seriously, the black turtle of the  Chinese astronomy is so obviously Leo…  @koalagriton !!!!   Has there always been this much foot Leo out there only we weren’t paying attention @pointlessquotehere @turtle-sketches? Man have I been missing out if the answer is yes. Jesus, those thighs. *fans self* Foot Leo, why you so hot?
Karai TMNT
Irrillia and Kiba TMNT
Emotion Chart Raph by ~Fuwa2-Kyara on deviantART I want to start drawing them agian. I have to say that drawing TMNt was the only cartoon that came naturally to me
TMNT 2003
Kiba and his dad
Tumblr Leorai kid
Hey. Im real sorry for the long hiatus but there are a lot of things happening in my life rn. I have family problems homework and a lot of fights in school.   Even thought im not included my friends are and im trying to help them. Its just alot of stufff. I hope you understand so enjoy cute fam