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two owl wall hangings made out of macrament beads and yarn, each with an owl's head in the center
an owl decoration with tassels is on the floor
Macrame Flower Plant Hanger #macrame #macrameplanthanger
Find full tutorial ay my Youtube channel here:
three crocheted fish on a black surface with white trimmings, one in the shape of a fish
Objava MARTHA 416 pojavila se prvi puta na Ručni radovi i sheme za heklanje |
two baskets are hanging on the wall with apples and other fruit in them next to some dry grass
a woman taking a selfie in front of a round mirror with tassels hanging from it
three different colored yarns are arranged on a table with a potted plant in the middle
Makrome ayna
Makrome ayna modelleri makrome yaprak modeli
there is a circular doily with pink and white flowers on the inside, along with words that read makrame mandala
Amazing Makrame Mandala
a round mirror made out of yellow yarn
Satın almak İçin tıklayın 🛍
a mirror that is hanging on the wall
Makrome Ayna Yapımı - DIY Macrame Mirror
Makrome Ayna Yapımı - DIY Macrame Mirror - YouTube
a mirror that is on the wall next to some plants and other items in front of it
Miroir en macramé coton peigné et jute
Ce beau miroir en Coton Peigné Ecru et en Ficelle en Jute a été imaginé et crée par la douce et talentueuse créatrice @unmondeboheme 🤎 L’association du doux coton peigné avec la jute est parfaite 😍 Il habille incontestablement le mur et la pièce !
a white and blue doily sitting on top of a wooden floor
Mandala macramé
two mirrors with tassels hanging on the wall
a round mirror with tassels hanging from it's sides on a wall
Spiegel in kwaliteitsmand - Handgemaakt - Katoen
Deze spiegel is netjes met de handgemaakt en past in elke woning met een klassieke uitstraling. Met deze spiegel tover je de slaapkamer om en geef je waarde aan de ruimte. Het is zeldzaam en ook de perfecte cadeau voor de feestdagen.