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3 ideas for your next Photo shoot
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Conceptos básicos que necesitas saber para editar tus fotos como un experto
two pictures of a waterfall in the woods
Eestikeelne e-õpe
fotograafiast ja kaameratest, objektiividest, särist, avast, ISO-st
a seashell on the beach with waves coming in from the ocean and an equal image is being added
What is the Rule of Thirds for Photography? »
What is the Rule of Thirds in Photography?
there is a woman posing with her arms crossed and hands on her hips in different poses
Aprende Fotografía Hoy – Descargar Ebook Gratis - Manual de Técnica Fotográfica
How to Crop Portraits: An Essential Guide — #Photography via Photography Talk #portraitphotography
four different images of flowers and plants in black and white, with the same color
глубина резкости (ГРИП) Большая диафрагма (меньшее число f-ступени) и меньшие дистанции фокусировки создадут меньшую глубину резкости.
a monk is standing in the middle of an empty building with red arrows pointing to his left
La Exposición Fotográfica (un tema que debes dominar para ser mejor fotógrafo) - Iniciación a la Fotografía
Trabalhando com linhas de composição na fotografia
a boy sitting on top of a rock next to a wall with four red dots
Despierta tu mirada fotográfica: Aprende a observar y componer fotografías que cautivan y llaman la atención - Iniciación a la Fotografía
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts and how they are used to fly
a woman sitting on top of a wooden bench next to palm trees and tall buildings
Quick Guide to the Rule of Thirds for Artists and Photographers
rule of thirds portrait
a series of photoshopped images with different shapes and sizes, including an image of a woman's face
Come nel Rinascimento... fai una foto con la spirale aurea!
a child's face with the words rules of thirds on it, and an image of
¿Tus tomas se ven borrosas? - Iniciación a la Fotografía
Composition: Using the Rule of Thirds — Live Snap Love
Photography Composition: Using the Rule of Thirds
Composition: Using the Rule of Thirds — Live Snap Love
two pictures showing the same waterfall as they appear to be in different directions, and one is
Violá Al Artist, una app que te transforma en personaje de Pixar
lo dice todo #fotografia