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the cards have pictures of different animals and plants on them, all showing numbers one to ten
Printable Watercolor Nature Number Cards 1-10 | Preschool Printables, Homeschool Resources, Montessori Flashcards
These printable number flashcards for kids are a helpful tool for teaching basic numeracy skills. Each flashcard features a clear and easy-to-read number, along with a corresponding visual representation of that number. These flashcards are perfect for parents, teachers, or anyone looking to help children develop their counting and number recognition abilities. Simply print out the cards, cut them out, and use them in a variety of educational activities and games. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - P
three children's drawings are hanging on the wall
homemade alphabet wall cards | Waldorf | Pinterest | Abc school, Homeschool kindergarten and Waldorf education
a child's room with toys and pictures on the wall
Capital Letters
A nature table with a yellow silk and toy bumble bee Spring Nature Table, Sunny Nature, Steiner School, Mustard Flowers, Old Oak Tree, Yellow Daffodils
Bee Playhouse Nature Table
a wooden table topped with toys and candles
Rainbow Nature Table in 2021 | Nature table, Rainbow nature, Play house
the letters are made out of paper and have pictures of people in different colors on them
Vocales y ángeles Waldorf
a child's artwork is hanging on the wall
Abecedario Waldorf