Undertake what’s easy as if it were hard, and what’s hard as if it were easy. In the first case, so that confidence doesn’t make you careless; in the second, so that lack of confidence doesn’t make you discouraged. - Baltasar Gracian
que virilidad
Erotismo y sensualidad con el atractivo masculino de estos espectaculares modelos rusos de Sleek’N’Tears Project. Arte y virilidad de hombres.
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Noble. Google definition--"distinguished by rank or title; pertaining to persons so distinguished." Text example: "His father ate his oatmeal with one hand working the spoon....which always hurt with what seemed to be a noble pain, willingly taken on with his dudes as a husband and father." (Page 11) My sentence-- The noble lion is often referred to as the "king of the jungle."
Pas pour le disciple du Christ qui a dit : "Père, non pas ma volonté, mais la TIENNE !" ( Ev. de Matthieu 26:39)
Grind..fight on..stay humble
Men on Pintrest!?!? ......guilty
Ideals are stars to steer by, they are not a stick to beat ourselves with. - Barbara Thompson