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We wrote about these 23 places this year - make plans to visit all of them in 2017.

The 23 Places You Should Go In Utah In 2017

Some would argue that Utah is a state destined for nature lovers; and while there’s no arguing about tastes, one thing is certain: it does have jaw-dropping, natural attractions by the bucket loads.  Here are 10 Best Places To Visit In Utah #travel
Any American road trip lovers out there?!  Consider a week-long road trip through the five National Parks of southern Utah!  Click through for the ultimate itinerary!

Utah National Parks: A One Week Road Trip

Red Cliffs, Utah, USA
Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah, USA

15 Amazing Places to Visit in Utah

swimming holes pin
Soaking in the Desert Bath Tubs of a Pioneer’s Hot Spring
The Badlands region in the Utah is famous for its arid and unforgiving landscape, which is decorated by sharp and eroded spires of stone. If you catch it at just the right moment and in the right conditions, however, these apparent wastelands can give birth to an extraordinary explosion of color and life in the form of beautiful wildflowers.
Whether you’ve lived in Utah your whole life, moved here recently, or have been planning your next vacation to the Beehive state, you have a plethora of options and activities at your fingertips. Utah is full of incredible hikes, gorgeous sites, and tons of adventures just waiting for you! We’ve gathered together some of our …

Your Utah Bucket List