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Penny Dreadful ladies and gents! If you're not watching it and are able to handle the mature content(On the level with Game of Thrones), watch it! It is well-crafted and engaging. Also it does well to address modern issues in a Victorian setting while keeping things from veering into anachronism. The navigation of the classic Victorian literary figures is wonderful. Also the twists and turns will leave you floored at times. And by floored I mean on the floor holding yourself crying.
Penny Dreadful was a really interesting, great show. And this woman was fabulous in it. Can't believe she didn't get more recognition for her work on PD.
Masculinity- the men in this show are very smart, the show is made up of the being nerdy and having to have someone help them understand the world  Femininity- the women has a child and she is show as being very pretty and that she understands social lives, but are not as smart as the other men.
Scorpion tv show - interesting addition to the fall lineup
Eva Green | 'Penny Dreadful' Season 2 Promotional Photo
Milo de Escorpio
This entire show
Guide to Who’s Who in Penny Dreadful [Infographic] By Trace Thurman