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Nice dress designs. I like the oak leaf shoulder patches with the button for the sleeves on the green dress.
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While Ferlina dresses for life in a palace, the townsfolk are mostly poor and hungry. They can barely afford practical clothing, let alone the lavish materials she enjoys.
16 Awe Inspiring Steampunk Women Costumes
Great reversible outfit can be used for Robin Hood, elf or even as my boys have discovered, makes a great Link (Legend of Zelda) costume too!
PLEASE DELETE DESCRIPTION IF REPINNED Many Elementals who turn to the darkness will remove their vibrant clothing (the color of their element) and replace it with black. The reason why is unknown, but it is believed its how these Elementals devote themselves to Nerezza, where nearly 90% of the population wears black. Books - womens books -
beautiful elven elf fairy hat made of felt grimm and fairy fantasy , festival fashion wishlist be the most couture robin hood or titania this midsummer Lalabug designs
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Blue Wool Tweed Snood unique handmade eco by DoTheExtraordinary
The Red Riding Hood Cape is one of my most popular. But the one complaint I get about the easy to sew half cape - is that it's a half cape. I kept getting asked how to make it longer or to re draft the pattern to make it longer. Well I am pleased to announce that I now offer a full length circular cape - the Long Hooded cape. Dramatic and great for running around during Halloween this cape comes in two length to make it a perfect fit for adults. You can grab the free pattern here. As