Tiempo de cantar primario

Fun game for singing time with kids! Great Primary singing time idea! Music with kids.
Fun ideas for Primary Singing Time! Check out pattiesprimaryplace.blogspot.com #Primary #singing
"Finish The Sentence" This is fun idea when teaching a new song. I put the bell on the table and call two children up to play against each...
SINGING TIME IDEA: Primary Singing Ideas: progress chart
Skittle game for primary singing time.We take a bag of Skittles and I draw names and the child comes to the front of the room. They close their eyes and put a skittle in their mouth and try to guess the color. If they get it right then the get to pick a song, but if it's wrong then it's my choice.
Cantor silencioso
I needed an idea for after program singing time, but I wanted to give the kids a break from the same old songs/learning a new song....
SINGING TIME IDEA: Singing Time Ideas - Sing or Dare So doing this next month! I LOVE this idea!
This is one of the most fun projects I've done! It's a game I made for our primary singing time. The kids have to get this Elder r...
SINGING TIME IDEA: Primary Singing Time: "Singing Measles"