SEAN O`PRY this guy being straight is a dream come true. I have a chance! Lol
«Él levanta la cabeza, y me vuelvo a sentir como aquella adolescente a la que el estómago se le convertía en gelatina cuando la miraba el chico guapo de la clase».
Sean O'Pry would play the character of 'Jared' & brother 'Teague' in the UnEnchanted Series. #UnEnchanted #ChandaHahn
Sean O'Pry  he's reading  or pretending  still counts
Portraits: Sean OPry by Kat Irlin
Sean O'Pry in Oliver Peoples #oliverpeoples #seanopry #eyewear
Sean O'Pry during Next Fall 2015 photoshoot...
☽ ᴘɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇsᴛ- Tanyaangulo ☾ Sean O'Pry
Meet Sean O'Pry! 13 Things to Know About the Hot Guy in Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Video  Sean O'pry

13 Things to Know About the Hot Guy in T.Swift's Music Video!