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El Museo de Alberto: Retrato del conde Saint-Génois d’Anneaucourt'
Les vins de Bourgogne
Jean-August-Dominique Ingres, the greatest French portrait painter of his day, created this view of the Comtesse d'Haussonville -- formerly Louise, Princesse de Broglie, who married the Comte at 18 years old. The work met with a 'storm of approval' for its intimate portrayal of the princess. Get this print for 20% off using the code VP20 at checkout on VintPrint.com!
Auguste Compte Trading Card
‘Autumnal Cannibalism’, Salvador Dalí, 1936 on display at Tate Modern.   autumnal -  jesienny
Regence style Gold room, Banque de France, former hotel particulier of Comte de Toulouse - Paris
Hannelore Knuts by Michel Comte for Harper's Bazaar UK August 2010 by grace
What would become the beginning of the end of the War of Independence was started on this day in 1781 in Yorktown Virginia just down the road from Colonial Williamsburg. It was here in Yorktown that British General Cornwallis felt that he would best be able to stabilize the British fleets. He was directed by Commander-in-Chief Sir Henry Clinton to have a protection over the Chesapeake. In lieu of this General George Washington and Comte de Rochambeau left the Hudson camp in secret to a swift…
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In return for land used to grow their own food, the serfs had to work for the lord of the manor.   As well as farming their own land, each serf had to work a fixed number of days per year on land owned by the lord and his family
"It matters little who first arrives at an #idea,  rather what is significant is how far that idea can go." Adored by Carl Friedrich Gauss for her #math, praised by August Comte for her #philosophy. #Prime numbers and a Prize bear her name. Short read about her life and work by Simon Singh http://to.pbs.org/1iMLyId
Jan Antonín Losy, Count of Losinthal (German: Johann Anton Losy von Losinthal); also known as Comte d'Logy (Losi or Lozi), (c. 1650 [1] – 22 August 1721 [2]) was a Bohemian aristocrat, Baroque lute player and composer from Prague. His lute works combine the French style brisé with a more Italian cantabile style. He was probably the most significant lutenist-composer in Bohemia at the height of the lute's popularity there.
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August Comte is known as the founder of positivism and is credited with coining the term sociology.