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Sci Fi name generator- This has a ton of really cool names!
"El libro Egipcio de los muertos" es el nombre moderno que se le da al texto funerario que se ponía en el Antiguo Egipto en las tumbas para que ayudara y guiara al fallecido en su viaje en el más allá y asi alcanzar la vida eterna en el Aaru. Su nombre original es Peri Em Heru que significa “Los Vocablos para Salir a través de la Luz”.
When it comes to picturing your main characters in your head, sometimes having a picture is worth far more than a thousand words. Don't know about you, but I have a "type" I like in hero roles -- tall, dark haired, bearded, and most likely deadly

Corvo Attano

Fantástica película y muy buen libro #film #scifi #oldschool via Fritz Lang - Metropolis (1927)  restoration 2010       full
Jakub Rozalski is a Polish concept artist & illustrator from Krakow. If the name Krakow sounds familiar, you might remember a post I wrote a few months ago on my blog called, “The Cobbler…
V la Batalla Final
Also, go to a graveyard an look at  the names (especially good if you're looking for last names or old names)


Mess with the Bull and you get the horns. The Gemini Sector is located within the constellation of the same name and includes star systems ranging from 30 to 400 lightyears from Sol in that r...
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