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Baked Potatoes in the Ninja Cooking System
One Pot Meatloaf And Potatoes #Recipe For The Ninja Cooking System
2/5/14: Easy Taco Casserole in the Ninja on
Super easy delicious Nachos made in the ninja cooking system.
Steam Roasted Pork Tenderloin using the Ninja Cooking System
Chicken Pot Pie in Ninja Cooking system. .  1 bag frozen vegi 2 can white chicken 2 can cream of chicken 1 can diced potatoes put in bottom add 1 can crescent roll on top sealed cook 350 for 25 minutes
Monterey Chicken And Potatoes Recipe For The Ninja Cooking System
1/7/14: Chicken Fettuccine in the Ninja on
The Ninja Cooking System: pretty much the best slow cooker in the world.    Saw the infomercial. Looks very cool. Brown your meat right in the pan before you "slow cook" your meal.  (Now also available at Macy's) Must find out more - or better yet - try it myself!
Mushroom Asiago Chicken/Ninja Cooking System recipe
Recipes that are perfect for making in the Ninja Cooking System.
Roasted Pesto Chicken & Rice for the Ninja 3 in 1 Cooking System.