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Marilyn abstract drawing from "The Seven Year Itch"
Marilyn Monroe lápiz dibujo arte firmado imprimir por IleanaHunter
In your drawings, you will generally have one light source, which determines the location of highlights and the direction of shadows. The spot where the light hits your subject directly is called the highlight, and is usually pure white. The side facing away from the light source will be in shadow. The midtones refer to the gradation of tones between the shadow and the highlight. Most objects will also have an area of ​​reflected light. This reflection happens when light hits the surface…
Lápiz de Marilyn Monroe dibujo arte firmado imprimir
Marilyn Monroe. i wish i could draw like this
marilyn monroe | Glamorous Girl: Marilyn Monroe Painting : )
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Impresión de una ilustración original de Kara Endres.  Impreso en gruesa calidad papel y por correo en una envoltura rígida (13 x 19 enviado por correo en un tubo).