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Kids after school charts! ♡
If/Then Chart for discipline. It lists a scripture to use to teach children why a certain behavior is wrong, and you can fill in the appropriate punishment in the right hand column.
After School Magnetic Chore Chart
Create an after school schedule for your kids.  This free printable will help them learn what to do every day.
* Secrets of ADHD Treatment by William Dodson, M.D. "The treatment tools that work for an ADHD-style nervous system are comparatively easy to acquire... but ADHD treatment is at high risk to fail unless a trusted significant other is involved — and stays involved — from the beginning... The most important factor is someone who unshakably believes that the child or adult with ADHD is a good person."
Change the WiFi password daily. Give it to your kids after they have completed their list of chores.
Family Ever After....Awesome Schedule
80+ Books to Inspire and Challenge Your Family — We are THAT Family
This is a great After School Routines Check list so you can get your 4th through 9th grader in good habits this school year!
This post brought to you by FrogTape brand painter’s tape. All opinions are 100% mine. My kids have been back in school for a month now and our afternoons are full of homework, piano lessons, sports practices and things that keep us very busy. To ensure the business doesn't turn into craziness, I created an After School Magnetic Chore Chart.
Whether you call it "the can" or "the commode," a toilet by any name can stink. Here are some tips for tackling the porcelain throne.
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