meu amor sabe que amo...
Love Gardenias... the flower my love use to gift me weekly.
Growing gardenias in pots require some care and attention but they worth that as gardenias are famous for their heady fragrance and beautiful appearance.
Pleasant smelling flowers
floreros de Gardenias
Caring For Your Gardenias Plant gardenias where they will get morning sun and afternoon shade. Good air circulation is a must. Gardenias prefer moist, acid soil with good drainage & lots of organic matter. When planting, set the root-ball about 1" higher than the surrounding soil. Gently taper the soil up to the top of the exposed root-ball. Mulch. Pests (whiteflies, scales, & mealybugs). can be a problem. Control by applying a light horticultural oil to prevent sooty mold.
gardenias que crecen en macetas
My favorite, gardenia!
My divine flowers
gardenia bush/hedge. This might be a nice replacement for those rosebushes under the windows next to the house...:
Jazmines!!!!!!!! (puedo sentir su aroma!!!!!!)