Galletas pirouette

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barquillitos y galletas para acompañar el chocolate caliente...
Siete ideas para utilizar las claras de huevo sobrantes...
Easy to make cupcake shoes: regular cupcakes, Nutter Butter soles (or other oval biscuit) and Pirouline cookie heels.
Pirouette Cookies
Chocolate coated Oreos and choc dipped wafer sticks for a Unicorn Garden Party themed event styled by Lily Chic Events
Tuile Cigar Cookies, also known as pirouettes, are crisp, delicate little cookies with a perfect vanilla flavor and buttery crunch.
Pastel de FERRERO ROCHER  delicioso pastel de chocolate oscuro con relleno de chocolate fudge, cubierto con una capa de chocolate fudge y sobre esta una capa de pura NUTELLA,  adornado con galletas pirouette, mas NUTELLA,, deliciosas nueces y coronado por tres chocolates de avellana FERRERO ROCHER <3 Ferrero Rocher cake chocolate fudge flavor with chocolate ganache filling, covered with Nutella and chocolate, topped with 3 Ferrero Rocher balls, crushed Nuts and more Nutella
Biscuit Krueger and Gon Freecs Killua zoldyck Hunter x Hunter
Decora tus palitos de galleta :: Decorate cookie sticks