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18 Trucos de moda para hombres directamente desde las calles de Nueva York

I'm Day Price. I won't tell you my real name and you'll probably not guess it right. I'm 19 years old and my twin is Jay. It's not funny that our names rhyme. Me and her are co-instructors. I'm a Dauntless born. I have a tattoo and a piercing. You'll have to guess where. I'm brave, friendly, strong, clumsy, athletic, and solemn. I like to zipline, train, and teach the new transfers. I'm very protective of anyone worth it to me, like my mother and sister. Bye.

41 GIFs Of The "Teen Wolf" Men To Make You Drool

Todo empezó por un estúpido juego y un beso. La pobre Daisy pasó de no tener ningún pretendiente, a tener cient...