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Todas las camisetas de Sheldon

Every T-Shirt Sheldon Cooper Has Ever Worn In The Big Bang Theory

la versión de Sheldon de piedra, papel, tijera...

The Big Bang Theory - Piedra, papel, tijeras, lagarto, Spock

Fantástica ilustración de la serie de televisión.

El diseñador brasileño Fred Birchal ha creado 'Famous Costumes', una serie de pósters en los que resume a su máxima expresión películas y series de televisión míticas, basándose en los iconicos...

The Big Bang Theory Couch&Logo                              …

The Big Bang Theory Couch&Logo

Quote from The Big Bang Theory 10x11 │   Amy Farrah Fowler: I thought I’d let Harry Potter make things hotter. Sheldon Cooper: Wowza. Amy Farrah Fowler: I got a Gryffindor robe for you. Sheldon Cooper: Oh… A Gryffindor sleeping with a Hufflepuff? How scandalous.

15 Best The Big Bang Theory Quotes from 'The Birthday Synchronicity' (10x11

You are in my spot and you must move. Save your spot with this sassy pillow!  Purchase just the cover or the cover with an insert! These are high

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper "You're In My Spot" Pillow - TV Show, Gift for Him, Dad Gift, Pillow, Home Decor, Throw Pillow

Oh yes .....I am guilty....sang it as I read it!! The Big Bang Theory                                                                                                                                                       More

Genial!!! Paralelismo con la canción Soft kitty .... jajaj !!!!