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Welcome Back, Kotter (TV Series 1975–1979)
Welcome Back, Kotter (1975–1979) ~~ Comedy ~~ A compassionate teacher returns to his inner city high school of his youth to teach a new generation of trouble making kids---I love this show
The Cast of 'Welcome Back, Kotter' John Travolta (Vinnie Barbarino), Lawrence Hilton Jacobs (Freddie "Boom Boom), Marcia Strassman (Julie Kotter), Gabe Kaplan (Gabe Kotter), Robert Hegyes (Juan Epstein). John Sylvester White (Mr. Michael Woodman) & Ron Palillo (Arnold Horshack) 1975-1976

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The opening episode of WELCOME BACK KOTTER's second season finds Buchanan High School teacher Gabe Kotter (Gabe Kaplan) considering the idea of giving up his "sweathog" class to accept a job with a Ja

Welcome Back Kotter: Season 2 (DVD)

The Television Crossover Universe: WELCOME BACK KOTTER
Welcome Back by John Sebastian featured Welcome Back, the Theme to Welcome Back Kotter, a one-hit wonder
John Travolta, Welcome Back Kotter (1975-1979) ) - Starring Gabe Kaplan, John Travolta, Ron Palillo, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Robert Hegyes, Marcia Strassman, and John Sylvester White. Filmed in front of a live television audience. Comedy about a group of high school students known as “The Sweathogs” who tend to get in trouble often. Their teacher, Mr. Kotter, has a soft spot for these kids because he too, grew up in the city.

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