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I agree 100%. But I wonder why people don't put that same effort into the start of a relationship, working to find the spiritual connection. Don't compromise your soul, as once you put in the hard work at the beginning you will have 100% effort forever. Our souls are designed to be spiritually connected and not an afterthought.

this is pretty true of any type of relationship, including friendship. Effort means the most. never failing effort :) consistency, loyalty, unconditional love.

Ask Yourself,  Are You A good Friend? ...Yes, I think I am. Finding I Can't be True friends with insecure people though.

This is so true.some people just don't get it - Friendship is everyday, not just when it's convenient for you

What if

The Helen Mirren photo goes perfectly! "What if your Fairy Godmother. is the wisest, smartest version of yourself - whispering from the future: "