#wineandtwits Peñíscola

1er #wineandtwits de la provincia de Castellón que se va a celebrar en Peñíscola. Un evento donde se rinde tributo al vino y la red social de moda twitter, a la…
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a woman holding up a bottle in front of a bar with people sitting at tables
Conozcamos el territorio para ser sus mejores prescriptores, #wineandtwitsPeñiscola
a woman singing into a microphone in front of a vase with a painting on it
Laura Garcia ‏@Laura Garcia Castellano Vino y Swing ... Que gran maridaje #wineandtwitspeñiscola @lydiapeterss pic.twitter.com/dK0JDQ8jjA
an advertisement for wine and twits on a television screen
n noche en @Mandarina Club #wineandtwitspeniscola #music & #visuals w/ @David Inlines Mandarina
a woman sitting in front of a laptop computer on top of a desk next to headphones
Gersón Beltrán ‏@gersonbeltran @sistananoo tocando teclados sobre lo que pincha #brutal #sistananoofans #wineandtwitspeniscola pic.twitter.com/MfHiQ6lY2x
a woman standing in front of a record player
@djsistananoo versión piano in live ¡Genial! #WineandtwitsPeñíscola
a group of people in a room playing music on an electronic keyboard and headphones
Raquel Gª Castellano ‏@raquelgarcas 8h Ahora si #wineandtwitspeniscola #peñiscola @Mandarina Club con part d gente #calpemocion -ada @Laura Garcia Castellano @Carmen Urbano pic.twitter.com/Dl4Fvj5RvT
four jars of food sitting on top of a red and white checkered table cloth
Pruñonosa Studio - Diseño gráfico / Diseño web
the band is performing on stage with their instruments
Les Feuilles Mortes, Lydia Peters Quartet en el Centre Octubre
three people on stage playing instruments and singing
The Way You Look Tonight Lydia Peters Quartet
the band is performing on stage with their instruments
My Funny Valentine by Lydia Peters. Nos acompañará en #wineandtwitsPeniscola con música en directo ;))
two men standing next to each other in a room
Mandarina #JamSession
Mandarina #JamSession with @bulbulsuperbul & @gersonbeltran
six jars of jam are stacked on top of each other
Magistratus, sabors del Maestrat. Mermeladas de Cereza, Higo, Naranja, Manzana, Tomate y Naranja Amarga para #wineandtwitsPeniscola #gastronomía
a bottle of celery seed extra virgin oil next to a cardboard box on a black surface
Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra y Milenario
Aceite de oliva de olivos milenarios. Aceites Cervol #WineandtwitsPeñíscola
a wine glass with red liquid pouring out of it and the words, grapp masters
Dominio Caducado
#Vinos para el evento #wineandtwitsPeñíscola de Besalduch Más información en este enlace: http://www.elaceitedeolivasanctmathei.com/catalogos/Catalogo%20vinos%202012/#/1/