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a dirt road in the middle of a wheat field under a dark cloud filled sky
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a dirt road surrounded by trees on a foggy day
a field with tall grass and a fence in the foreground under a dark sky
an open field with trees and clouds in the background, under a dark cloudy sky
Calm before the storm. Eifgenbach, Bergisches Land, NRW, Germany 🇩🇪
birds are flying in the sky over a field
a person laying in the grass with their arms out
Foto de Sonia Dauer en Unsplash
Gracias a Sonia Dauer por hacer que esta foto esté disponible en @unsplash 🎁
a painting of people walking through a forest at night with the sun setting in the distance
black and white photo of sun rays coming through the clouds over a mountain range with rocky terrain
Sebastião Salgado
black and white photograph of sunbeams over the ocean with birds on the beach
Quand Sebastião Salgado nous parle de ses photos
Quand Sebastião Salgado nous parle de ses photos
a black and white photo of trees with no leaves
Sergio Larrain: la fotografía como un instante de revelación