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a poster with different types of shapes and sizes on it's sides, including the text
Principles of Design
i made this for class
an architectural diagram showing the various parts of a house that are connected to each other
Doust(Friend) House
an architectural drawing shows the various sections of a house and its surrounding area, including two levels
Architectural Designs House Plans
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an info sheet shows the various stages of building and its surroundings, including trees, buildings,
Restoran Projesi
Embark on a journey through breathtaking architecture! Explore our curated gallery showcasing visionary designs, innovative structures, and awe-inspiring spaces. From sustainable masterpieces to modern marvels, discover inspiration to elevate your architectural vision. Let our expertise transform your ideas into tangible landmarks that inspire and captivate. Ready to redefine space? Explore our portfolio and let's craft architectural wonders that leave a lasting impression.
an architectural drawing shows the interior and exterior of a house
portfolio architecture design ideas
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an advertisement for the smith house in front of a wooden table with drawings on it
Đồ án cơ sở 2 The Smith House
a paper cut out of a city with lots of buildings
an architectural drawing of a circular structure with many circles around it and several different areas in the center
an architectural drawing hanging on the wall next to a clock and some type of building
a drawing of a house with plans for the front and back walls, including flooring
Đồ Án Cơ Sở 2