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an anime character sitting at a desk with his hand on his chin
Fairy Tail Obsessed
Natsu looking smart… that's really weird, but awesome. Credit goes to the artist
an anime character with pink hair and goggles
Fairy Tail: Edo Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail
Edolas Natsu! Badass until you drag him out of his car... Still love him though :D
an anime character with pink hair is holding his arm around another character's chest
Natsu Dragneel
an anime character with pink hair and brown pants, holding his hands out to the side
Wikia Anime
Fairy tail crossover with attack on Titan. The coolest combination EVER!
an anime character with pink hair holding his fist up
☆ an eternal adventure
Natsu Dragneel | Fairy Tail
a drawing of a girl with pink hair and a crown on her head holding onto a stuffed animal
Natsu king of Fiore xD
an anime character with red hair holding his hands to his chest and looking at the camera
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His hairs the wrong color if this in Natsu
an anime character with pink hair, wearing a scarf and holding his arm around the neck
うなん (@unan_tyara) on Twitter
Natsu Dragneel