22 Pins
an orange cat wearing glasses with the caption deja veo
Yo y los miopes entenderemos
a stuffed duck tied to a tree with the caption cosoro on it
a woman making a funny face while holding her hand up to her mouth with both hands
a woman holding a baby in her arms and looking at the camera with an intense look on her face
a young boy with an emoticive expression on his face
a white kitten holding a red heart on top of a wooden table
a lion with two roses in its mouth and the words,'el cora de fuerza'on it
Fuerza leona
a man with his finger on his nose and the words vision written in front of him
a man in a white tank top with the words tu eres como arrita verdad
Ideas, Imágenes Random, Stickers, Im A Barbie Girl
two barbie dolls sitting next to each other in front of a pink background with stars
two women standing in front of a whiteboard with writing on it and another woman pointing at the board
Humor intelectual
Imagenes De Risa, Fbi, I Don T Know, Stupid Memes
a baby with blue hair and goggles on is being held by someone's hand