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three people are standing next to each other in front of a wall with the same drawing on it
El Empleo / The Employment Cortometraje de animacin / animated short film Direccin / Direction: Santiago Bou Grasso Idea: Patricio Plaza Animacin / Animation: Santiago Bou Grasso / Patricio Plaza Diseo de ttulos / Titles design: Natalia Acosta Productora / Production company: Opusbou
a stuffed owl sitting on top of a bed next to a night stand and lamp
FEAR OF FLYING on Vimeo - cartoon video of a bird who is afraid to fly
an old pair of pliers hanging from the side of a piece of metal with chains attached to it
The Deep, Fantastic Stop Motion Animation by PES
The Deep, Fantastic Stop Motion Animation by PES
an elephant is wearing a white shirt and standing in front of a store display case
Conmovedor cortometraje sobre un hombre que se transforma en Elefante
Cosas que tocan
the movie poster for marquesa is shown in front of a dining room table
"Marquesa" a Documentary Shortfilm by Andreu Meixide
Animated Short: Hearth (Otthon) #shortfilm #animation Hearth, Screenplay, Film Base, The Family, Depth, Old Women
Animated Short: Hearth (Otthon)
Animated Short: Hearth (Otthon) #shortfilm #animation
a man wearing sunglasses and holding a camera in front of his face with the caption's director behind him
9 Cinematography Tips for Directors with No Space & No Budget
9 Cinematography Tips for Directors with No Space and No Budget
an animated character standing in front of a wooden barrel
El Vendedor de Humo
El Vendedor de Humo by PrimerFrame. El Vendedor de humo es un cortometraje de Animación realizado integramente por los alumnos de, promoción de Octubre de 2010.
the gift movie poster with an image of two people hugging each other
The Gift
AWESOME Shortfilm produced by Cecilia Baeriswyl and directed by Julio Pot, selected in more than 90 international festivals, included Animamundi (Brasil), Animpact (South…
an image of a woman reading a book with the caption el leu una passage que o fez ficar pallo
Vincent - Tim.Burton.Short.Animation.1982
'Vincent' by Tim Burton YOU ARE MY HERO. Check this quirky short animation back from 1982. His words make me happy.
a police officer talking to a woman in front of a fire hydrant that has been destroyed
La doctrina del shock - doblado al español y completo - YouTube
an image is shown in the middle of a screen with colorful circles and dots on it
The Innovation of Loneliness - Subtitulado Español
a woman is walking down the street with a shopping basket
om finder
an image of the earth taken from space with two satellites in the foreground and one on the far side
De la servidumbre moderna - Sobre la esclavitud moderna
“ Toda verdad atraviesa tres estadios: en primer lugar se le ridiculiza; en segundo lugar se le oponen violentamente; finalmente se le acepta como si fuese una…