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a large brown sculpture sitting on top of a sidewalk
Chris Weaver
a pair of hands that are next to christmas decorations
Luna Bean - Casting Keepsakes - DIY Luna Bean Life Casting Kits
two hands are placed on the bookends to hold each other's books
Bookends and The Private Library
four pictures showing the steps to make a star chart with blue paper and white squares
Astronomy embroidery - very creative!
two white vases filled with plants on top of a wooden table
aimeemoyer's List: Home on Shapeways
Silicone mold for Geometric Concrete Vase
various sizes and shapes of molds for modeling
Molde Para Maceta De Cemento N10 - $ 6.500
Molde Para Maceta De Cemento N10 | Mercado Libre
three vases with flowers in them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
Sarah Statham of Simply by Arrangement flowers - From Britain with Love
several white vases with plants in them
highlighting the plants.
Silicone mold For concrete planters