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a poster with the words shake it out in front of a woman's face
Shake It Out Florence + The Machine song posters. Poster design by Anaïs F. Afonso. (original photographs by: Tom Beard, Phil Fisk, Matthew Stone)
a girl running through the woods in white dress with words written on it that says, dog days are over
Dog days are over, Florence and the Machine
a woman with red hair wearing a green dress and holding her hand to her chest
''I Can See the Green Light... by CelticBotan on DeviantArt
''I Can See the Green Light... by on @DeviantArt
a woman sitting on top of a blue chair next to a white and yellow sign
Art Nouveau
a woman with long hair wearing a black hat and denim overalls standing in front of flowers
another second in the sunshine
f l o r e n c e
a poster with an image of a woman holding a large circular object in her hands
Resultado de imagen de florence V&A
a woman with long red hair standing in front of a tree and moon filled sky
It's a Secret
entry for Talenthouse’s contest to design a Florence + the Machine Poster for her U.S. tour
an art nouveau poster with a woman holding a guitar and flowers in front of her face
Florence & The Machine #gigposter by Ken Taylor.