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small succulents and rocks in a bowl on a table
¿Qué te parece esta maseta de rocas? www.quintaencinos.com
some seashells are laying on the floor next to a cup and a hair dryer
Shell Garden Pots How-To
Shell Garden Pots How-To #DIY #Craft
three different pictures of rocks and plants in vases on the side of a table
40 Gorgeous DIY Stone, Rock, and Pebble Crafts To Beautify Your Life {With tutorial links}
Fall is my favorite time for outdoor DIY projects. It’s not too hot and there’s just something about landscaping against those beautiful fall colors that I really love. If that’s true for you, I’ve got a great collection crafts for you to try. Whether you like outdoor or indoor crafting during...
a vase filled with flowers and rocks on top of a table next to a candle
Hobby Lobby Arts & Crafts Stores
decorative stone planter
some plants and candles are sitting on top of a table in front of a window
DIY Wire Spool Table Porch Lights Decor - Wood Wire Cable Spool Recycle Ideas #Furniture #shabbychiclivingroom
macrame planters are hanging from rope and filled with sand, shells and plants
Mi Dieta Balanceada
DIY | 5 Minute Macrame Planters. Watch What's Up Mom's Brooke and our very own Cinda show you how to make these adorable macrame plant hangers in less than 5 minutes.
a chandelier hanging from a tree with lots of lights on top of it
Para iluminar sua noite e inspirar seus sonhos!! Boa noite com esse lustre que roubou nosso coração!!! ������ @pinterest http://gelinshop.com/ipost/1517070441888854450/?code=BUNt4d0B7Gy
several hanging glass vases with plants in them
Free Macrame Patterns Plant Hangers
Resultado de imagen de Free Macrame Patterns Plant Hangers
several glass jars hanging from rope with water in them
Ideas en Macramé para decorar tus fiestas
Blog sobre la decoración de fiestas y mesas con ideas, consejos y mucho DIY fácil y resultón. Tienda online de decoración para fiestas con estilo.
the words are in russian and english above an image of a chandelier hanging from a ceiling
Bake Craft Sew Decorate: DIY Old World Light Fixture -
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three different pictures with some glass vases in the middle and one is being held by someone's hand
Decorar un salón ampliándolo con una cortina
Make A Garden Chandelier From Mason Jars http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/bxh3 Light up your yard with this DIY garden chandelier! This also makes a perfect lighting idea for those who don’t have the option of installing a fixture. And when you’re done, you can remove them and store until next time.
an outdoor garden with lots of plants and potted plants on the side of it
7 cantinhos inspiradores para amantes da jardinagem e orquídeas
Para acomodar o orquidário e o viveiro de plantas do morador, o paisagista Luciano Fiaschi projetou um pergolado de ipê rústico sustentado por duas vigas de pedra. Os vasos ficam apoiados em blocos de concreto ou pendurados nas ripas de madeira da estrutura, que também deixam a luz natural entrar no espaço. Uma primavera camufla parte da estrutura e a trepadeira congeia faz as vezes de arbusto próximo ao espelho d’água. (Conteúdo de Casa e Jardim)