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A mandala is a circular design that represents harmony, balance, and wholeness. Drawing a mandala can be a relaxing and creative activity that can also improve your concentration and focus. In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a mandala in 7 steps using a compass, a ruler, and some colored pencils.
Digital art tutorial by Philip Sue
an info sheet with different types of items on it
Best Procreate Brushes 2020 | | Graphic Design Junction
Procreate Watercolor Painting
a person is drawing on an ipad with a pencil and pen in their left hand
Leah Bisch Studio
The Diversity of Wine and Gastronomy Content on YouTube
Monument Valley Inspired Artwork
Learn how to create this lovely isometric drawing inspired by the game Monument Valley. Follow the link to watch the full step by step tutorial.
Digital Space Art
Camping landscape YouTube tutorial
Aliens made me do darw this