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a piece of driftwood hanging from a rope with a ball in it's center
Traumfänger “Verwunschen” • Shop
a white brick wall with a wreath hanging from it's side and birds perched on the branches
Ale, Ideas, Dekorasyon, Hoa, Jul, Bunga
a wreath hanging on the side of a wooden wall with plants growing out of it
Store 2 — Nogori Flowers
Store 2 — Nogori Flowers
a dried wreath is sitting on the wall next to a pair of scissors and some other items
a wreath made out of branches and twigs on a white wall with a round hole in the middle
Wreaths by Pigsty SF
several different types of flowers are arranged in a row
dried flowers and leaves arranged in a circle
a wreath with yellow flowers and green plants on the front door, hanging from a wooden wall
a person pointing at some metal objects in the middle of a wreath made out of seashells
How to Make a Vintage Tart Tin Wreath DIY
I finally found a beautiful use for my vintage tart/Jello tin collection! The first thing I did was lay my tins out in a pleasing pattern. I flipped some of them upside down so that they would fit a bit tighter next to the others. @Sugru had gifted me with some of their amazing flexible glue, so I decided to use this to hold the tins together. The gray color was perfect, and I just used little pieces to hold the tins in shape, pressing them together. The grea thing about Sugru…