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an old stone building in the woods with leaves on the ground and trees around it
Forest Chapel in Vermont
an image of a church lit up at night with bright lights on it's side
Vivid Sydney 2010: St Mary's Cathedral
St. Mary's Cathedral, Vivid Festival, Sydney Australia - COLORful !!
an old building with two towers covered in snow
Russia’s “Golden Ring”Globerovers Magazine
Walls and Gate Church of the Resurrection, Kremlin, Rostov Veliky, Russia
an old abandoned building on the side of a hill with mountains in the background and clouds overhead
Abandoned Church, Santa Maria della Pietà, Abruzzo Italy, an octagonal church built in the 17th century.
an old church sits in the middle of a grassy field with trees and mountains behind it
Home is now behind... the world is ahead.
Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
an ornate building with gold and blue domes on it's sides next to the water
Amazing places
St. Petersburg, Russia
an old building on top of a hill
St. Olaf's Church, Balestrand, Norway
St. Olaf's Church, Balestrand, Norway
a small stone building with a red door in the middle of snow covered ground and trees behind it
Edward Fielding Art
Stone Chapel In The Woods, Vermont
an old building with a clock on the front and trees around it at night time
Catedral Donostia en la noche
Cathedral Donostia en la noche | San Sebastian, Spain | Flickr
a church lit up at night with people walking around the front gate and onlookers
Fachada de iglesia de Recoleta- Buenos Aires
several people are standing in front of an old building with many spires on it
Westminster Abbey, London
an old stone church with a tree in the foreground and mountains in the background
Haghpat Monastery, also known as Haghpatavank ("Հաղպատավանք" in Armenian), is a medieval Armenian monastery complex in Haghpat, Armenia.[1] Described as a "masterpiece of religious architecture and a major center of learning in the Middle Ages", this venerable institution of the Armenian Apostolic Church was placed on UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1996
a small white church with an orange door
A minuscule church on the outskirts of Skopelos, an archetypal Greek village in the Northern Sporades
an aerial view of a church in the middle of a city with many spires
Bergamot orange - Wikipedia
Bergamo ~ Lombardy, Italy
an ornate building with towers and statues on top
St. Patrick Cathedral, Pakistan