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a wall hanging made out of old photos
Cindy Steiler
Cindy Steiler
altered paper with tree images on it
an old photo and several pairs of knitting needles on a table next to a pair of scissors
Striped collages
Striped collages on Behance
several pieces of fabric hanging on a wall next to scissors and other crafting supplies
Print, collage and stitch
an altered photograph is hanging on a piece of paper with chains and wires attached to it
Sign in | Etsy
a stack of brown paper sitting on top of a white table next to each other
How to Clean Tea Bags to Use in Your Tea Bag Art — carol ann webster
a piece of art with some string attached to it's side and an image of a bicycle on the wall
sobre paper
the paper is cut up and ready to be sewn
The Making of Dolan Geiman Collages & Prints