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six painted rocks with cats on them
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some seashells are laying on the floor next to a cup and a hair dryer
16 Manualidades utilizando conchas de mar - La cartera rota
a bowl made out of rocks sitting on top of a table
Lightness of Stone by Linn Haugen
an image of a candle that is in the middle of rocks with faces on it
❤️ ▷ 17 manualidades con piedras decorativas [2024]
a lit candle sitting on top of a pile of rocks next to a brown cloth
a rock with the word welcome painted on it sitting in some green grass and flowers
Pintar piedras | Guía de Jardín
Guia de jardin. Blog de jardinería y plantas. Jardín en casa.: Pintar piedras
a painted rock with the word family on it sits among some rocks and flowers in the background
hand holding three colorful painted rocks with hearts on them in front of a white background
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several small pots with cactus plants in them
15+ Ideas Encantadoras Para Decorar Con Guijarros
15+ Ideas Encantadoras para Decorar con Guijarros
two birds sitting on a tree branch painted rock
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Original acrylic painting on beach stone. A combination of nature and art that produces a one of a kind art piece. A coating of varnish is applied to protect the painting. Perfect as a gift or for your decor. Item will ship with tracking number. Your shipping cost may be lower than stated. I will refund any shipping overages of $1 or more. I hope you love my artwork as much as I loved creating it! Thank you.
a painted rock with an image of a duck holding an umbrella on top of it
Nice creations
a painted rock with a smiley face on it
SpongeBob and Patrick ying yang rock painting
two rocks with cats painted on them are sitting on a wooden surface and one has blue eyes
piedras decoradas miau
there is a rock that has been painted with blue and orange designs on it, next to two mugs
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