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the space marines are ready to battle in their own space marine fleet, which is painted orange and black
Part of the team complete
a toy truck with some dirt on the back and two small shovels attached to it
a toy car made out of metal on a black surface
Hekaton Rockgrinder for the Ash Wastes
Robots, Tyranid Warrior, Dwarf, Dibujo, Hammer, Warhammer Art
two warhammers are standing next to each other
the warhammers are ready for battle
Img, Model Inspo, Color, Model Building, Little Man
So everybody is posting their color scheme. Here is mine. Any Thoughts? :)
a painted warhammer is standing on top of a hill
Rich 'Cronch' Nutter on X
a small statue is sitting on top of some ice and snow covered rocks in front of a gray background
Finished my Grimnyr!