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First Grade Wow!  Divide into 2 groups & sit on either side of large work mat. Each team has to roll a die & count down from 20 that many spaces. Put markers on each number as they count down. Team that gets to finish line 1st wins.  Great subtraction practice!

counting backwards

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Math Running Records in Action: Summer Book Study

math running records

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Freebielicious- subtraction freebie


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Dice subtraction worksheets


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Subtract 10 Pirate GAme, "Hit or Miss" (free)
A fun and low prep lesson for working on subtracting multiples of 10! This is such an important prerequisite skill for kids to have before moving on to double digit addition and subtraction.

1st and 2nd

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*"Boxing In" strategy for subtracting across zeros....makes so much more sense to kids*

upper elementary

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subtraction puzzles - Google Search
About 2nd grade, when kids get to double-digit subtraction with regrouping, their math gets more challenging. Sometimes kids need extra motivation in math, especially if they still need to develop fluency with their facts or with borrowing. That's why games, like solve and play bingo, are such great activities. In order for kids to play the game, they have to finish the worksheet and glue the problems onto their bingo cards. Check out the free printable bingo game. #Subtraction #2ndGrade #Math
Double-Digit Subtraction Card Game – Line upon Line Learning

2nd grade

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Choose the right hamster bowling ball to knock down all 10 pins while practicing subtraction skills!
Using the ipads for subtraction!
9 Free Subtraction iPad Apps  #flippedPD


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Subtraction freebie!  A Kindergarten Smorasboard Schedulin' Sunday!
vegetable subtraction
A Differentiated Kindergarten: Stomping Out Subtraction and A Differentiated Freebie That Meets Common Core

more ideas

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a fun back-to-school addition & subtraction bingo game for kids. 6 printable bingo cards with math questions equaling 1-25. free printables! | #kids #homeschool #printables


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Ten Frame Subtraction Smash- Math Made Fun for Kindergarten! Teach subtraction up to 10 in Kindergarten fun, hands-on ways! Fun math centers and printable games included!
Subtraction Smash - FREEBIE! Roll out play-doh balls and smash to practice subtraction facts within 10.. My kids LOVED it!!
Math Madness Wednesdays: Subtraction Tips and Tricks

smash it

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Preschool Shark Math Lesson
Fun Songs with UMIGO - Count Back Jack (SUBTRACTION)
Preschool Shark Math Lesson


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Sara Subtraction. Teach kids the "subtraction words" to help them figure out what operation to use in word problems.


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I love the idea of using bowling pins for math. I would use larger ones and have the students solve the subtraction problem based on how many pins they knock down.
Subtraction Bowling!!! So fun!!!! #math #kindergarten
Subtraction Bowling with a FREEBIE!


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Hands-On Math Learning For Kindergarten and First Grade |
Get free printable math mats for the entire school year! Every theme, holiday or season you could ever need! These math mats are perfect for hands-on addition and subtraction practice using creative math manipulatives! #math #mathmats #addition #subtraction #freeprintables #kindergarten #firstgrade
Fish Bowl Subtraction- Math Made Fun for Kindergarten! Teach subtraction up to 10 in Kindergarten fun, hands-on ways! Fun math centers and printable games included!


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Subtraction Lego Game - The Kindergarten ConnectionThis game is best played with a partner, although you could play it with a small group of students too, as the object of the game is to see who can lose all of their bricks first!


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15+ Fun and Free Ideas for Teaching Subtraction. Games, Manipulatives, Worksheets, and an anchor chart idea for beginning subtraction.


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Subtraction Mat: Great idea..I think I'll try it with vehicle manipulatives!
Subtraction Bowling with a FREEBIE! - Recipe for Teaching


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ten frames

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A great, hands on math manipulative! This can be used for addition, subtraction, and counting on. {Free printable included}
Practice subtraction skills with this fun FREE math game! Download the Number Line Subtraction game today!
Stomping Out Subtraction (a great site)

number lines

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number bonds

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Teaching Subtraction in FDK - A Pinch of Kinder

paint dot subtraction

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Use math manipulatives to help understand subtraction and practice subtraction facts with these simple subtraction with loose parts activities.

subtraction buttons

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Help students visualize addition and subtraction with these simple number counters. An awesome hands on way to work on math with kindergarten and first grade!

subtraction wands

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Math Running Records are here!
Math Running Records

teacher resources

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