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This Decimal Place Value "Go Fish!" Game is the perfect way to practice reading decimals to the thousandths place in standard, word, and expanded form! My students beg to play this during math class! This is a perfect activity for fifth grade math. Common Core Aligned: 5.NBT.3 #standardwordexpanded #fifthgrademath #mathcenter
This is definitely something I could use for first grade place value! Source: Miss Van Maren's Fantastic First Grade: Math Journal
Proving Zero the Hero (in orange)   As we think about decimals, we really try to make them look like money. After all, the kids have been ...

pictorial activities

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representing decimals - Google Search
Discovering Decimals Part 1: Basic Concepts | OK Math and Reading Lady
Use this bookmark to introduce decimals. Create a decimals anchor chart and review representing decimals in various ways.  Use money to introduce comparing decimals.   #MathTechConnections #guidedmath #mathcenters #mathgames

Abstract Activity

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CompChant - The Decimal Song Like how he uses unit fractions (like common core definition of fractions) to extend understanding of related fractions for benchmark fractions.
Fractions & Decimals DVD


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Decimal of the Day
Decimal of the day
Decimal of the Day - This pdf file contains everything you need for up to 2 months of decimal review (and even longer if you wish!)

decimal of the day

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decimal place value. If only my students would write this neatly when taking notes in their IMN's (Interactive Math Notebooks)
Decimals to Fractions Freebie (Recently updated by changing the word "reduced" to "simplified.")
Runde's Room: Math Journal Sundays - Decimal Numbers  Doing this with my kids on Tuesday!


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From the Desk of Ms. Tran : Dividing Decimals hands-on
▶ Multiplying decimals using area model - YouTube


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Model for Multiplying Decimals Video
How to use base 10 manipulatives to model decimal numbers and write expanded forms for those numbers.
AWESOME VIDEO--- VERY CONCRETE!!! dividing decimals-modeling

teaching video/pictorial

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Fraction Decimal Number Line - A FUN Hands-On Activity
Rounding with Decimals
Decimals and Fractions with Meter Sticks! Free step-by-step printable available in the blog post.


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Decimal place value anchor chart and lesson ideas for upper elementary math
How to read decimals
Decimal Place Value {Anchor Chart} | Fab 5th Fun

Anchor Chart

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Multiplying and Dividing by Powers of Ten. Free "place value sliders" that students can use to help visualize and understand the concept.
Mathematical Mondays: Tool for Multiplying Decimals By Powers of Ten
Multiply and Divide by Powers of Ten. Remember, the decimal point doesn't move, the numbers do!

Act it out

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how to say decimas worksheet with numbers and place value in it
Building Number Sense Freebie - In the Classroom with Kristine Nannini
a red and white sign with numbers on it that say ten thousand thousand thousand thousand thousand thousand
Decimals -
a poster with numbers and fractions written on it
four different types of numbers are shown in the diagram, and each has an equal number
Discovering Decimals Part 1: Basic Concepts | OK Math and Reading Lady
Discovering Decimals Part 1: Basic Concepts | OK Math and Reading Lady