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a painting of white daisies and blue forgets on a soft, fuzzy surface
a drawing of a bird perched on a tree
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a painting of a house in the middle of a field
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a pair of scissors and some hair sitting on a table next to a brush, comb and other items
🎀Affordable AND Legit? I Must be Dreaming!🎀 | BJD Amino! Amino
instructions on how to use a hair brush for knitting and crochet yarns
Mini tutorial afieltrado//Needle felting
Мобиль разноцветные балерины из шерсти
a small house made out of felt with a green roof
a blue and white doll hanging from a string
a hand holding a tiny doll with pink dress and green leaves on it's head
Velvety Pink
a hand holding a small doll with flowers on it's head and a bird sitting on top of the flower
Blossom Fairy