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an image of someone on twitter with the caption'why it doesn't western media do something like isac i'd pay so much money to watch
a tweet that reads, boy bands just good i love when men entertain me do a little song in dance for me boys
dance for me
an image of a cartoon character holding a briefcase with the caption motoh
an image of a person with glasses in front of a text box that says, i should not do anything
two men standing next to each other in front of a building
a young man is sitting in bed with an insomnia message
a boy sitting at a table with food in front of him and the caption reads, the vibe i bring to the function
Tbh, Core, Text, Aesthetic
a man holding his head in front of him with the caption me when a man has empathty
an image of a white cat with the word vro on it
an orange cat sitting in front of a man with speech bubbles above it that say trip to vegas, new car, new house, chicken toy, money
an emo smiley face with its tongue out and the caption that says, i'm not laughing