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a bunch of strawberries with white flowers on them
a red flower with white and black petals
a person is holding some strawberries in their hand
a pink and white flower that is blooming in the middle of it's petals
pink and white carnations are arranged in a close up view with the petals still attached
a pink flower is shown on a beige background
some red and yellow flowers are in plastic bags
watermelon and strawberries in a white bowl on a blue towel next to an orange
a glass vase with flowers in it next to a teapot and other items on a window sill
my windowsill
an empty street with trees lining both sides and the sun shining through the clouds in the distance
a woman standing on the beach looking out at the ocean with two large rocks in the background
Neil Krug
two flowers in a vase with sunlight coming through the window