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three different views of spoons and candle holders
These Gold And Bronze Candle Holders Are Inspired By The Past
These modern gold and bronze metal candle holders are minimalist in their design and easy to use.
a dog walking down a dirt road next to a lush green forest filled with trees
Let's get a dog and go for a walk in the countryside :) (and then since we already have it, we'll have to stay there for a little longer;) )
a bronze statue with a woman on it's back leaning against a pillar and holding her leg in the air
RARE Authentic Prisoner of Love The Letter K Bronze Sculpture by Erte
**RARE** Authentic 'Prisoner of Love' (The Letter K) Bronze Sculpture by Erte | Add to Watch list
a bronze statue of a man on a horse with a lasso in his hand
Cowboy Projects :: Photos, videos, logos, illustrations and branding
a gold colored vase with a woman's face on the front and side, against a white background
Tiffany Lamps and Tiffany Studios art glass, ceramics, bronzes, lamps, table lamps, European Art Nouveau ceramic vases sculpture and antique and estate jewelry.
French Art Nouveau Bronze Jardiniere
a gold vase sitting on top of a white table
Seasons in bronze
an abstract yellow and black background with some blurry lines in the foregrounds
Apple Mac 多色系抽象炫彩壁纸 1024×768第27张壁纸
Follow the Light - bronze
a blue vase with a woman sitting on top of it
Erte Sculpture - Apollo Bowl
Erte Apollo- Bronze Bowl
a bronze statue of a woman's head with her eyes closed on a white background
Quality bronze bust of Artemis marked J Gougon Sculp
bronze bust of artemis
Degas ballerina in bronze Edgar Degas, Degas Ballerina, Degas Dancers, Mary Cassatt, Mixed Media Sculpture, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Hair Ribbon, Sculpture Installation, Figurative Sculpture
Edgar Degas | The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer | French, Paris | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Degas ballerina in bronze
a bronze statue of a pregnant woman sitting on a bench
'A Moment' Bronze; 2006