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a cartoon character sitting on top of a blanket in the sand with food and drink
Qoo, which is a type of juice that comes in a number of flavors. The white grape is really good.
Whan lamoon
Whan lamoon
the cross stitch pattern is shown in black and white
Heart Pattern- Free Knitting Patterns | Craft Passion
Maybe this will help with some special scarves I want to make for Christmas this year . . .
the instructions for how to crochet an origami fish - like object
These Babies Say ‘I Love You’ For The First Time. Could There Be Anything More Touching Than THIS?
Patucos de punto sencillos - Tutorial y patrón - Simple Knitted Baby booties - Pattern and tutorial
MADE URBAN | Craft Fair & Handmade Business Advice
MADE URBAN | Craft Fair & Handmade Business Advice
a drawing of a cat reading in front of a bookshelf
Bookshelf cat
reading . . .
a bunch of different colored ties hanging on a wall
Random Pictures Of The Day - 60 Pics
a black dog laying on top of a white bed
Parked at Loopia
~Italian greyhound~
Fryde von Gottegris
Fryde von Gottegris
a small white dog sitting on top of a bed next to a red and black blanket
white mini schnauzer... I never heard of this breed