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four small pieces of food sitting on top of metal trays covered in cucumber
Pigs!! (These were very easy to make from ham. The head is pinned to the body with a toothpick, and the snout goes on the tip of the toothpick and covers it completely. The bodies just rest on the legs, they stay on pretty well due to the moisture. Eyes are little blobs of cream cheese with a small piece of sushi nori. The nostrils are also small pieces of sushi nori. They stick to the moist surface pretty well. Keep refrigerated, of course.)
pancakes with chocolate chips and strawberries are on a plate in front of the words hotcakes de ositos con nutella
Hot Cakes de Ositos con Nutella
Celebra a los más pequeños este #diadelniño con esta receta de Hotcakes de Ositos con Nutella acompañados con fruta fresca. Estos #hotcakes son ideales para el desayuno y los niños podrán ayudarte a decorarlos con crema de avellana o cajeta. ¡Pruébalos!
some snacks are on a table with pokemon cards and other items in bowls next to them
Pokemon-Themed 7th Birthday Party - Fab Everyday
Fab Everyday | Because Everyday Life Should be Fabulous | Pokemon-Themed 7th Birthday Party
an assortment of toys and decorations on display
Aniversário pokemon
Festa de aniversario pokemon
three red, white and black flower shaped objects
Pokémon Go Pokéball Balloon Bracelet!
Halloween Giant Spider Balloon - YouTube