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an image of a person on skis in the snow
four children's drawings are displayed on the grass
Miss Murray's Classroom on Instagram: “HASS 👩‍👦‍👦How gorgeous are these family portraits shared by for HASS? . . . . #teacher #teacherlife #teacherlyf…”
a bunch of heart shaped pictures on a black board with pink and blue writing that says we love our families
some children's drawings are hanging on the wall
a paper cut out of a boy with pictures on it's chest and hat
Preschool: "My Favorites" Project
Beautiful Chaos: Preschool: "My Favorites" Project
handprints are unique just like me on the bulletin board in this class room
25 All About Me Activities & Free Printables
a play dough sensory self - portrait made to look like a doll
All About Me Sensory Self-Portrait - Fantastic Fun & Learning
four pictures of children's drawings on white paper
four different pictures of the same face made out of colored sticks and paper with scissors
Printable Face Parts Cutouts for Loose Parts Play
Make these crazy faces with some loose parts and our free printable facial features!