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a woman holding her hands out in front of an angel with the sun above her head
a painting of a woman holding a ball in her hands with the light shining on her chest
The King's Challenge #255 and #256
Lord, Resim, Egyptian, Angel Guide, Jul, Kunst, Engel, Mandala
a painting of a naked woman with a butterfly on her shoulder and flowers in the foreground
a painting of a woman sitting on a log in the woods next to a stream
Kindred Spirits
a woman standing next to a tree in the forest holding a light saber above her head
a painting of a dove with the word peace on it's back and rays coming from its wings
Tenemos depositada en nosotros una fuerza que nos capacita para amar
the icon of jesus is shown in this painting
Neo Beuronese Sacred Art from Los Angeles County
an image of a star with the zodiac sign on it and stars in the sky