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an orange and white poster with information about adrenalina
Adrenalina – Enfermería Creativa
an image of the muscles and their functions in human body, with caption below
2011 3 via endovenosa - venoclisis
VÍA ENDOVENOSA Zonas de administraciónLas zonas idóneas de punción seencuentran en :Miembro superior...
a yellow and black business card with the names of different businesses in spanish, english and french
the label for regula de 3, which contains vitamins and watermelon
an info sheet with different types of vitamins and their uses in the medicine industry
Antihistaminicos H1
the diagram shows how to use escalaa analgesia in spanish and english
escala analgésica
a medical poster with instructions on how to use it
an image of a cell phone screen with the words antibioticico on it
a syring with the words serina para insula written below it and an image of
a blue and white poster with instructions on how to use thermometers for water
an info poster showing the different types of medical items in spanish and english, with information about them
Medical School Life
three different types of medicine are shown in this diagram
para que sirve cada anticeptico