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a man standing in front of a mirror with the word selfie written on it
Mirror Selfie | Design de loja, Loja de design de interiores, Decorando salão de beleza
a woman standing in front of a neon sign
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a woman standing in front of a neon sign with an angel wings on it's back
the restaurant is decorated with pink flowers and greenery, along with neon signs that read beautiful mane from the lion
Menagerie Case Study | Contract Chair Co.
We are delighted to have worked on this exciting project. Menagerie, Manchester screams experiential dining. Menagerie introduces experience at every level through their beautiful bespoke cocktails, carefully crafted dishes & warm, welcoming service. Highlights include their weekend performance shows. All this is set in a lustrous, chic environment.
two wooden planters hanging from chains with plants in them
Hanging DIY Window Planter Boxes For Indoors