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a cartoon character with purple hair and an angry look on his face, texting what did i even do?
Drew (you know exactly what you did drewy 🤬)
two young men standing next to each other in front of a counter with drinks on it
Drake boba date ❤️
three cartoon characters are dressed up as witches and princesses, with the caption happy halloween
a little late but happy halloween!!
a boy with blonde hair is holding his hands up in the air and looking at something
what’s happening to you jake…
an image of anime characters with their names in english and japanese words on the same page
tmf meme (not my template)
an anime character's face chart with the names and characters in each panel, which are
It’s alright jake you’re trying your best
a group of people sitting around each other in a room with words written on them
The music freaks meme
two pictures, one with an anime character and the other with text that reads hatey zander
When Jake wanted to join the music club: